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Wireless Security
Encryption on the pubic network can be used but would create administrative overhead. Encryption keys would have to be changed regularly and anyone using their own laptop would have to be given the key.
Encryption works best in a network that does not allow people to use their own laptops.
Encryption increases privacy, but can be thwarted, either by software, or by gaining access to a PC configured with wireless and writing down the key.
Content Filtering & Proxy Servers
Web content filtering that has generally been software on the desktop would have to be handled by a server if people are allowed to use their own laptops.
Proxy servers allow you to control what information people have access to. This is a good practice anyway, allowing you to control at a global level what information travels over your network. It also allows you to track usage.
Viruses and Hacker
Wireless does not add any additional threat in the way of viruses.
Anyone, anywhere can attack a network that is connected to the Internet. Wireless does not increase that chance. Security measures such as firewalls, can reduce the risk.
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