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Voice over IP Protocol
Voice over internet protocol or voip is an advance in technology that may save you money in your small business or home office.voip, also known as IP or Internet Telephony is the routing of voice calls over the internet or other Ip based network.
Simple put, your business can economically install a phone system with the same features and professional presence as a large company. With voice over IP, no one can tell from your phone system how large or small you are.
Voip brings a range of communications benefits to your organization. The traditional phone companies are able to provide many services such as voice mail,3-way calling,call forwarding, automatic redial, and caller ID, but they charge extra for them. And if you want a feature you don't already have, you may have to wait for provisioning. If you use facilities like Centrex, you may also have delays if you need additional lines. to change the location of the telephone, or change the features on an extension. With voip, you can gain better control over your telecommunications destiny and you may save money on basic service, and on features, and calls outside your local ares.
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